Hi, my name is Rayna and I’m a freelance graphic and web designer with two decades of experience. My goal is to assist artists, businesses, and organizations in developing a consistent professional brand. I offer web design with user-friendly content management, graphic design, professional photography, social media management, and identity, portfolio and resume development.

Photo of Me

I’m not your average Gen X’er, I’ve been around and I’ve done some stuff. I was born in 1972 (you do the math), I’m the mother of three sons, a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, mother in-law, friend, crazy animal lover, Amyloidosis fighter, and heart transplant recipient. I’m from Northern California but call Wyoming home. I did a 12-year stint in the Midwest and this girl is happy to be west of the Missouri river. I love to dance, been doing it since I was three and teaching it since I was 13. I trained primarily in Ballet (Cecchetti & Royal Academy of Dance) but I do love a little Modern, Tap, Jazz, or Contemporary sometimes; just don’t ask me to do Hip Hop, my body doesn’t move that way!

I’ve been self employed since 1999. I started with the web way back when a person had to buy Netscape Navigator (that’s a web browser) and I was using a 28,800 bit/s modem to connect to the internet; dial-up! I’ve maintained my original e-mail address from 1990, and no I won’t tell you what it is. Getting hooked on the web led to building websites, then graphic design, photography, and so on. If there had been a degree in Web Development back when I started, I probably would have gotten one, but in 1994 there was no such thing. So, I’m self-taught and always learning.


Casper, WY
Phone: 307-227-8254
Email: rayna@januska.com